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Sadly, over the past year hackers have turned their attention to our mobile gear. Personal photos, friends and family contacts, your exact GPS location, your email and probably much more are all on that handy little gadget you carry around.Let’s start just with your email: personal messages, bills from utilities and insurance carriers and financial communications from your bank and credit cards all land in your email inbox.Yes, our quality isn’t nearly as good as it would be with several cameras and a mixing board; however, for right now it gets us into the field and gets our church community used to having streamed services.As we grow our Internet Campus and donations come in, we will upgrade our equipment.Although we have these restrictions, I wanted us to try streaming our services so our current church body could worship with us when they weren’t here.

It functions as a video “switching” tool that allows users to sync up to four i OS devices, switching between each unit’s built-in camera, and allowing users to record the final mixed video and stream a live video feed to services like Ustream and You Tube Live.

You can be anywhere in the world and still keep a live eye (or technological eye) on the things and spaces that are most valuable to you.

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Below we’ve gathered handful of apps that cinematographers can’t seem to get enough of.

Though our first piece in this series had a few on there already, this round is specifically dedicated to our dear camera crews.

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