Madonna dating brazilian model

Rich Gosse, an American who has spent the past 15 years championing older women, will attempt to prove "there are millions of men who find older women attractive" at a convention dedicated to so-called cougars and pumas – women who date younger men.Mr Gosse last night said, "We're trying to shatter the taboo that says women can't date younger men.

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Lourdes now often brings her boyfriend to have dinner with her family.

She is also popular in the world for being the Queen of Pop. Edit He dreamed about being the famous model since his early days.

It is believed that they began their love affairs from 2009. Edit Jesus Luz was from the middle class family born as Jesus Pinto da Luz in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Cristiane Regina da Silva and Luiz Heitor Pinto da Luz. He also took several modeling classes when he was in his childhood days.

Later, she went to Rochester Adams High School in Michigan.

Dance, electronic, rock, pop Vocals, drums, guitar, percussion Maverick, Interscope, Live Nation, Sire, Warner Bros. The dance-pop album is approx 40 minutes long and contains 8 singles.

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