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Andrew Carnegie added further to his generosity in 1903, with £1,500 gifted towards a dedicated Library building.

It took some time to decide upon a site for the new library.

Some of them are much larger than the usual 8x6 inches in size, so our price of £4 is a real bargain.

[Please note we do not have multiple copies of these items for sale.

Properties on Castle Street, West Castle Street, Palace Road, King Street and various properties on Broad Street were considered but all rejected.

One scheme proposed a widening of the Broad Street entrance to Victoria Street so that the new building could open onto both roads.

You've been in so many diversely cast films that people have named a connect-the-actor game after you! Do you just walk down the streets constantly high-fiving everyone?

The islands are not too touristy and are fantastic to explore by car.I arrived at the port of Stromness and drove all around the main islands of ‘South Ronaldsay’, ‘Burray’ and of course ‘Mainland’.The Orkney’s have many other islands and lots of coastline to explore but most of the sights can be found on these islands and here is my guide for anyone doing a road trip here.She is new to Orkney, having moved from Bramley in West Yorkshire, so she often describes the differences she observes and the new experiences she has.The journal is a mixture of diary entries and extracts of letters to her family.

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